Updating the Reservoir Hill tree map

26 Jun

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 6.13.12 PM

All 2009-2014 trees planted in Reservoir Hill (6/26/14)

In August 2013 we published the first-ever Reservoir Hill tree map, which represented our best attempt to record the correct location and species for every tree planted (approximately 333 trees) up to that date. Since then, we’ve continued to improve our methods for collecting data, and we’ve also tried to update all the trees planted in 2013 (approximately 69 trees) and 2014 (68 so far).

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 3.04.30 PM

We’re very excited that our current inventory of 476 trees planted means we’ll soon be reaching 500 new trees planted (50% toward our goal of 1,000 new trees). The challenge however, is that while many of the the 2009-2013 trees were planted in locations specifically requested (and subsequently adopted) by residents, the 2014 trees were all planted in April-May 2014 by Baltimore City without communicating with residents. We have been fortunate that spring 2014 has brought us lots of rain, so many of the 2014 trees are doing OK so far. But summer is now here, and to maintain our neighborhood goal of 95% survival rate, we’ll need to connect these trees to nearby residents.

Here’s an example of a 2014 tree in need of a good home (or just a friend with a hose):

2014 tree near the intersection of Park Avenue and Whitelock Street (6/16/14)

We are also currently working to get the City and its contractors to take responsibility for assisting with the maintenance of these trees. In the meantime, if you’ve noticed there is a new tree near your house and you are interested in watering it with at least 20 gallons a week,  contact Teddy Krolik (tkrolik@reservoirhill.net) so we can provide you with tree care instructions and materials (including a gator bag for slow-drip watering)!

Again, here’s the map of all 2014 tree locations:

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 3.27.43 PM




Saturday 6/7 & Sunday 6/8: Historic Reservoir Hill Garden & Home Tour 2014

21 May


A sunny weekend in Reservoir Hill

19 May

2014-05-18 15.28.42-1Reservoir Hill Girl Scouts planting in the German Park tree wells (5/18/14)

The skies were clear all weekend, and Reservoir Hill neighbors were outside working on both Saturday and Sunday to make the most of it.

On Saturday, we nearly completed the “Great Granite Wall of Whitelock”:

2014-05-17 15.16.30-1


2014-05-17 15.22.17


2014-05-17 15.23.06

2014-05-17 13.05.42

On Sunday, Reservoir Hill Girl Scouts designed and installed their own tile mosaic patterns, featuring lady bugs, trees, bumble bees, and flowers, around German Park tree wells. They also filled in one of the empty tree wells with flowers:

2014-05-18 14.46.36

2014-05-18 15.12.52

2014-05-18 14.58.31


2014-05-19 11.28.20

10am-1pm Saturday 5/17/14: Fermentation on Wheels coming to Whitelock

13 May

From Alison Worman, Whitelock Community Farm Manager:

Just as the fresh veggies start crowding our refrigerators Baltimore is lucky enough to be a pit stop on Fermentation on Wheels grand tour!

“Fermentation on Wheels is a community of gastronomic nomads with a mission to eat thoughtfully, teach fermentation, and connect people with their local food source. We are traveling the U.S.A. by school bus to harvest produce alongside small-scale farmers, hold workshops on the importance of fermentation and micro-agriculture, and inspire.”

Fermentation on Wheels will be holding a FREE workshop/demo/bus tour at Whitelock Community Farm‘s weekly Farm Stand this Saturday May 17th 10am-1pm at Whitelock Community Farm  (900 Whitelock St, Baltimore 21217)

Come support a local farm and learn some new food tricks!

Click here for the Facebook event


4:30pm Sunday 5/18/14: Reservoir Hill Homecoming

9 May

Homecoming Reservoir Hill 2014 flier

5pm Wednesday 5/7/14: North Avenue Design Workshop

6 May

WestNorthAvenueFlyer-RevisedBaltimore City Department of Transportation is partnering with Coppin Heights CDCCouncilman Nick Mosby (7th District)Druid Heights CDCNeighborhood Design Center, and Reservoir Hill Improvement Council to sponsor a series of visioning sessions along West North Avenue. This is an opportunity for all the communities and institutions stretching from Charles Street to Hilton Avenue to work together to create a North Avenue streetscape that best serves our communities. In the course of working together, we hope we’ll get to know each other as neighbors, and build new, creative relationships between our communities and institutions.

The workshops will look to gather opinions from all neighbors, including the following questions:

What kind of landscaping and lighting are desired?

How wide should North Avenue be?

How can it be more pedestrian and bicycle friendly?

What can be done to encourage local business to set up shop on North Avenue?

How can a new design help connect the communities along North Avenue in positive ways?

The workshop for the stretch of North Avenue from Charles Street to McCulloh Street will be held on:

Wednesday, 7 May; 5-9 pm

John Eager Howard Recreation Center

2100 Brookfield Avenue

Baltimore, MD, 21217

A free dinner will be served




Life after the rain

5 May

2014-05-03 12.44.11Making pedal-powered fruit smoothies at the Farm stand (5/3/14)

After what seemed like a week of non-stop rain showers, it feels great to be outside!

Celebrating opening day at the Farm‘s market stand:

2014-05-03 12.47.12-1
Painting rain barrels with Reservoir Hill Girl Scouts: 

2014-05-04 14.48.25-1

Participating in John Eager Howard’s Fun Run/Walk Fundraiser at Druid Hill Park:

2014-05-01 17.49.28

9am-12pm Saturday 5/3: Tree planting on North Ave. medians

30 Apr


Join neighbors this Saturday 5/3 from 9am-12pm to plant trees on the North Avenue medians! Volunteers will meet at the corner of North Avenue and Park Avenue. For more details and registration information, visit the project page on Baltimore Tree Trust’s website.

Saturday 5/3: Whitelock Community Farm Plant Sale and Market Stand Opening Day

25 Apr


Fresh produce available at the Farm’s Saturday market stand (8/10/13)

Join Whitelock Community Farm for its season opening plant sale and market stand next Saturday 5/3 from 10am-1pm at the corner of Whitelock Street and Brookfield Avenue! And don’t forget to come back Sunday 5/4 for Day 2 of the plant sale, featuring organically grown tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and herbs!


2014 Mayor’s Spring Clean Up: 9:30am-12pm this Saturday 4/26/14

23 Apr

2014-04-13 13.17.56Alan and his mother prepare plantings in the German Park tree wells (4/13/14)

Even though the temperature doesn’t always feel like a warm spring day, at the very least the Mayor’s Spring Clean Up has arrived! Join us this Saturday 4/26 on Whitelock St. from 9:30am-12:00pm to tidy up your block with some paper trash bags and hand tools, pick up a gator bag for your young tree, and make good use of (a promised, but not yet confirmed) City-provided dumpster at Whitelock and Brookfield. Neighbors can also head straight over to the Linden Lot project at Linden Ave. and Brooks Ln. to help finish the tree planting and landscaping from last fall.


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