How do I get to Druid Hill Park from here?

7 Jul

Midtown Academy visits Reservoir Hill and Druid Hill Park (October 2010)

Druid Hill Park, one of Baltimore’s true jewels, sits just across Druid Park Lake Dr. from Reservoir Hill. The only problem is that Druid Park Lake Dr. is a high-speed thoroughfare that requires pedestrians and bicyclists to somehow race about 80 feet between speeding cars and human-sized potholes.  The pedestrian access points to Druid Hill Park from Reservoir Hill are not the only dangerous intersections for pedestrians in Baltimore, but the challenge of crossing Druid Park Lake Dr. is a serious impediment toward establishing a greater relationship between Druid Hill Park and Reservoir Hill. We, as citizens of Baltimore and users of Druid Hill Park, have the ability to make things better.

View from Linden Ave. toward intersection with Druid Park Lake Dr.

RHIC is working with Baltimore City Department of Transportation (DOT) and Baltimore City Department of Recreation & Parks to make it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to get to Druid Hill Park.  In 2010, DOT installed a functioning cross-walk light for pedestrians, and soon DOT should be completing plans to shorten the distance that pedestrians and bicyclists need to cross to reach the other side of Druid Park Lake Dr. at the intersection with Madison Ave.

Beyond improving access, RHIC is interested in expanding the programming and attractions at Druid Hill Park.  RHIC Healthy Foods Team members were active participants in the creation of this summer’s Druid Hill Park Farmer’s Market at the Rawlings Conservatory, Wednesday evenings 3:30pm-7:30pm.

Opening Day at Druid Hill Park Farmer’s Market (June 2011)

RHIC is also collaborating on a new Druid Hill Park Master Planning Process, with the goal of evaluating Druid Hill Park’s potential to serve as the economic, social, and recreational anchor of activity for its surrounding communities as well as the entire City of Baltimore.

What would you like to see in Druid Hill Park? Outside of levitation machines, what are better ways to connect Reservoir Hill to Druid Hill Park?  Contact Teddy Krolik,, to get involved.

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