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2012 Moonlight Madness bike ride August 31st 7pm

28 Aug

Join us for the annual Bob Moore Memorial Moonlight Madness bike ride this Friday August 31st 7pm at the Washington Monument! As always, the route will pass through Druid Hill Park and Reservoir Hill as hundreds of happy bicyclists enjoy a spin through the heart of Baltimore. Remember to bring your lights!

2012 B’More Bike Master Plan survey

15 Mar

2011 Charm City Garden Tour on Whitelock St. (8/13/11)

From our friends at the B’More Bikes blog:

The Department of Transportation is updating the 2006 Bicycle Master Plan!  The original bike plan laid out a vision of what a bikeable Baltimore should look like and how to get there.  In these five, almost six, short years, Baltimore has

  • developed 3 area bike networks,
  • built its 1st bike boulevard
  • passed 9 ordinances and resolutions aimed at promoting cycling
  • increased bike commuting by 40%

The 2012 Bicycle Master Plan will build on the city’s successes, but not without input from the community.  Let DOT know how you feel about biking in Baltimore:  what’s good, what’s not, what could be better, where you’d like to see more bike facility improvements.

Take this quick online survey and have a say in how Baltimore’s bicycle network & programs develop!

10/29/11 2nd Annual B’more Spooky Halloween Bike Ride

13 Oct

This summer we told you about two great bike rides (the 7/13/11 Bob Moore Memorial Midnight Ride and the 8/13/11 Charm City Garden Tour) that presented participants with new perspectives on Baltimore; we’re now excited to announce a terrific bike ride for the Fall– the 2nd Annual B’More Spooky Halloween Bike Ride on Saturday 10/29/11.  The ride is open to anyone who doesn’t mind riding a bike while wearing a silly costume and who isn’t scared of some of Baltimore’s most ghostly places, including Edgar Allen Poe’s headstone and the North Ave. cemetery.

Last year’s ride at Edgar Allen Poe’s headstone (10/30/10)

The ride will go for about 12 miles at an easy pace, and will end at one of Baltimore’s best annual events–the Great Halloween Lantern Parade at Patterson Park. While it looks like the ride route will not be coming through Reservoir Hill, maybe we should remind people that the building atop the hill at 2001 Park Ave. is long rumored to have been haunted in the past.

2010 Patterson Park Lantern Parade (10/30/10)

2011 Charm City Garden Tour: The rain was hard, the bikers were harder

15 Aug

Charm City Garden Tour riding up Newington Ave. (8/13/11)

On a Saturday afternoon that couldn’t decide whether it wanted to rain or just pour, approximately 40 of Baltimore’s most committed supporters of urban greenery went on a two-wheeled tour of West Baltimore’s community gardens. For those who weren’t able to join us, may these pictures inspire you to try recreating the route on a sunny day.

Starting the tour at German Park on the 900 block of Whitelock St. in simpler, drier times:

2:15 pm

(Photo credit: Howard Fink)

Waiting for the deluge that never quite stopped:


(Photo credit: Howard Fink)

Arriving at Druid Park City Farm (103 S. Tyson St.):


Touring Druid Park City Farm:


Riding through Druid Hill Park on the way to Clipper Mill:


Making sure everyone’s brakes could still grip the tires on the Druid Hill Park switchbacks:


Continuing On Ash St.:


Touring Roosevelt Park City Farm (36th St. and Falls Rd.):



At Ash St. Community Garden (3519 Ash St.):



A pumpkin so big it needed its own hammock:


Freshly picked tomatoes:


Down Ash St. toward Clipper Mill Rd.:


Up the Old Falls Rd. switchbacks to Wyman Park Rd:


Riding around Druid Hill Park Reservoir toward Reservoir Hill:


Entering Reservoir Hill through the Madison Ave. archway:


Continuing on Madison Ave.:


At Lennox St. Community Garden (728 Lennox St.):



Picking up some new riders on Newington Ave:


At Newington Ave. Community Garden (730 Newington Ave.):


Returning victoriously to Whitelock St.:

(Photo credit: Howard Fink)

At Reservoir Hill Community Garden (946 Whitelock St.)



At Whitelock Community Farm (930 Whitelock St.):



Druid Hill Park Farmers’ Market this Wednesday 8/3

1 Aug

When RHIC started working in late March with Baltimore City Department of Recreation & Parks and Friends of Druid Hill Park on plans to establish a new farmers’ market this summer at Druid Hill Park,  we had no idea if we could get vendors or even whether people would come. Since the market’s official opening on June 1st, there has been no question about its success:

(Photo credit: Friends of Druid Hill Park)

Druid Hill Park Farmers’ Market (7/7/11)

The people, produce, and entertainment have been outstanding.  Current local offerings include: melons, tomatoes, corn, peppers, cucumbers, squash, free-range meats, artisan breads, prepared foods and lots more! Join us this Wednesday 8/3 3:30pm-7:30pm  for the market and also enjoy  Jazzy Wednesday Evenings, a free outdoor jazz concert presented the first Wednesday of every month, from 6-8pm at the Howard Peter Rawlings Conservatory.

How do I get to Druid Hill Park from here?

7 Jul

Midtown Academy visits Reservoir Hill and Druid Hill Park (October 2010)

Druid Hill Park, one of Baltimore’s true jewels, sits just across Druid Park Lake Dr. from Reservoir Hill. The only problem is that Druid Park Lake Dr. is a high-speed thoroughfare that requires pedestrians and bicyclists to somehow race about 80 feet between speeding cars and human-sized potholes.  The pedestrian access points to Druid Hill Park from Reservoir Hill are not the only dangerous intersections for pedestrians in Baltimore, but the challenge of crossing Druid Park Lake Dr. is a serious impediment toward establishing a greater relationship between Druid Hill Park and Reservoir Hill. We, as citizens of Baltimore and users of Druid Hill Park, have the ability to make things better.

View from Linden Ave. toward intersection with Druid Park Lake Dr.

RHIC is working with Baltimore City Department of Transportation (DOT) and Baltimore City Department of Recreation & Parks to make it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to get to Druid Hill Park.  In 2010, DOT installed a functioning cross-walk light for pedestrians, and soon DOT should be completing plans to shorten the distance that pedestrians and bicyclists need to cross to reach the other side of Druid Park Lake Dr. at the intersection with Madison Ave.

Beyond improving access, RHIC is interested in expanding the programming and attractions at Druid Hill Park.  RHIC Healthy Foods Team members were active participants in the creation of this summer’s Druid Hill Park Farmer’s Market at the Rawlings Conservatory, Wednesday evenings 3:30pm-7:30pm.

Opening Day at Druid Hill Park Farmer’s Market (June 2011)

RHIC is also collaborating on a new Druid Hill Park Master Planning Process, with the goal of evaluating Druid Hill Park’s potential to serve as the economic, social, and recreational anchor of activity for its surrounding communities as well as the entire City of Baltimore.

What would you like to see in Druid Hill Park? Outside of levitation machines, what are better ways to connect Reservoir Hill to Druid Hill Park?  Contact Teddy Krolik,, to get involved.

Bob Moore Memorial Moonlight Ride 7/13/11

1 Jul

The Bob Moore Memorial Ride is an easy-paced 14 mile nighttime loop through Baltimore, winding through downtown, Federal Hill, Mt. Vernon, Hampden, Druid Hill Park, Reservoir Hill, and Bolton Hill before heading east to Johns Hopkins Hospital, Fells Point, and Harbor East.

Meet at the War Memorial Plaza at 7:30pm and the ride goes from around 8pm-10pm.  Attentive guides and sweepers keep the group ‘”tight and to the right” and leave no one behind.

Close to 200 people rode last year through Druid Hill Park and then down Madison Ave (where we have recently painted bike lanes), so come out and join us!

You can find more information and RSVP at:

Last year’s ride 8/25/10 on Dolphin St.

Bring your helmet and bike lights, even if you have one of these:

Povinná výbava / Safety first video excerpt from sgnlr on Vimeo.

Charm City Garden Tour 8/13/11

28 Jun

We’re very excited to announce that the 2011 Charm City Garden Tour will be hosted on Whitelock this year!

Groups will go out by bike and bus to visit a selection of Westside community gardens, and then everyone will return to a party with food and activities  open to the entire community. If you’re interested in learning about how to help us prepare for the Tour, please contact Teddy Krolik at


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